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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

.the isle of enchantment.

rincon, puerto rico. house on the beach with friends. laid back people everywhere. live music/bar 2 houses down. running from bats/cave adventures. stunning views. stray dogs that brought tears to my eyes-named one rincon, thought about bringing him home. guava&cheese empanadas. day trip to san juan. homemade sangria. snorkeling around schools of fish and beautiful coral. double rainbows. long walk to a hidden beach oasis-felt and looked like i was in fiji. dancing to reggaeton. full moon booze cruise with beer snorkel contests and jumps off the catamaran. watching the rainstorms roll in. pig roast. family style dinners. stories from new found friends who came to the island and never left. waking up to the sounds of waves and smell of salt water. leaving with a bulk of new inside jokes, a bronze tint to my skin, a smile on my face and a yearning to return soon in my heart. puerto rico-you definatly live up to your name.