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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

world peace day

My aunt received this email from the daughter of her friend who lives in Kwajalein (she must be about 11 or 12 now).

Hi Everyone,

This is Julia Sholar. For my school project I am letting people know about Peace One Day. Peace One Day is a day of peace in the whole world and is on September 21. Please wear white on Sept. 21 to help us celebrate. If you could e-mail some of your friends and ask them to wear white on Sept. 21, that would be great.

The day they announced that Peace One Day would be a special day was the day when the World Trade Center was crashed into and fell down. I hope you can help.

My class is making a 1000 paper cranes to help my classmate's (Alakai's) mom recover from surgery.

Please wear white on Sept. 21.

Love and Peace,